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Realtypreneur Inc. is a direct private lender working with real estate investors across the nation. Realtypreneur Inc. is not a bank or hard money lender We are a national non bank private commercial lender. Realtypreneur Inc. was founded to help real estate investors leverage their capital and serve the needs of inspiring real estate investors. We are privately owned, backed by institutional capital partners.

We work with new and experienced real estate investors, Large landlords, Builders and real real estate developers.

We are a specialized Private non bank Commercial lender. We only lend to real estate investors. Realtypreneur inc. does not provide conventional financing and We don’t lend to individuals.

Real estate investors, anyone looking to get started as a real estate investor buying distressed properties in need of repairs.  Most investors buy those properties for resale others build rental portfolios.

Absolutely, We specialize in fix and flip loans that includes repair costs. We lend on the purchase and usually lend 100% of the construction costs.

A rental loan is a long term loan for the purpose on buying income producing properties. It is underwritten primary against the property value and cash flow of the property itself.

Absolutely not. Our foundation is based on helping new investor make sound investing decisions. Our company was funded on the principles of helping people build their own empires. WE work with new and seasoned investor big or small.

If you are a new client, you can contact Realtypreneur Inc.  by email submit your loan scenario or questions and We will get back to you immediately.

Realtypreneur Inc. is an asset-based lender and we based the loan amounts on the value of the real estate asset/property as your collateral. Max loan amount is varied by loan amount.

Realtypreneur can lend to these states:_______

Realtypreneur needs basic documentation to process and underwrite the borrower and the property. This includes the correct application form, Authorization to run a credit report, and background check. We will also require copies of the bank statement, Copy of the Contract of Sale, copy of a lease, appraisal, if possible, renovation estimates, and Corporation Documents.

Realtypreneur Inc. does not charge any fee during the pre-approval process and approval process such as an application fee. However, We charge a credit fee, if there is an appraisal and project feasibility studies the borrower is responsible for paying a third party fee

Realtypreneur’s 30-year long-term Rental loan has an adjustable prepayment option up to 5 years. There are no pre-payment penalties with other loan programs

Realtypreneur will consider non-owner occupied 1-4 and multi-family property, condo, townhomes, apartments, and mixed-use properties as potential collateral.

Realtypreneur is a  commercial lender which means our loans are being used for business purposes, rather than individual or personal interests.

Realtypreneur will compensate anyone who has a referral that results in a closed loan. It’s your decision whether you are legally able to accept a referral fee.

Broker fees are disclosed on the commitment letter, in a transaction specific agreement with Realtypreneur Inc. and on the HUD. At closing a check will be sent to the broker

Industry Terms

In the real estate business. After repair value or ARV is the value of the property after you conduct all the repairs needed and is ready to sell. The investor must be able to pay as far as the current value of the property in the market to maximize their profit when they sell it.

The ARV formula is as follows. ARV = Property’s Current Value + Value of the Renovations.

As-Is value is the current market value of one property in its current condition, and use. There will be no repair or improvement that will happen before it’s sold. This is a kind of property that is what you see is what you get. You will not be able to see the damage that is hidden underfloor or above the ceiling.

This is one of the vital steps in the home-buying experience. This process includes reviewing the documents properly, creating rehab budgets, perform calculations to determine your profit. This process as well will help you assess the risk that you will encounter in buying properties

This is defined as the earned profit on the sale of the property which increased in value over the holding period. In other words, it is an investment resulting from the price appreciation of the asset or investment.

The Capital gain formula is as follows.  Purchase Price – Selling Price = Capital Gain.

Is the process of getting the estimated market value of a property. It is normally being done by a real estate appraiser. The appraiser must collect appropriate data and apply one or more approaches. It plays an important function in real estate sales transactions.

This is an electronic fund transfer system that processes payments in the U.S.  this is normally being used in transactions like payroll, Direct Deposit, tax refund, Consumer bill, tax payment, and many more payment services in the U.S. This process is safer than using some money transfer services because the receiver of the funds usually needs a U.S bank account.

These are the changes to an existing contract and are used to add an explanation of the changes, information added, and clarification. The original contract or addendum is attached with the addendum. Common information that both parties request to change is name, purchase price, terms of a contract, and inspection detail.

A document that is issued by a state agency stating that the borrower can do a legal business and shows that the borrower is in good condition.


This is a process of the company or lender to verify that the borrower is eligible for a specific loan program that the company offers. This process allows someone to check a person’s criminal record, education, employment history, and other activities. To run a background check you need to search the online database and public records for information needed.

This is the financial statement of the condo association. This record shows the income and expenses for the year.

A process where the borrower’s property will be converted the equity in the property into cash. In other to qualify for Cash-out the borrower should walk out with cash in his hand. If the borrower will not get any cash that is not considered Cash-out.

From the word itself, an adjustable-rate mortgage is a kind of mortgage that the interest rate can be increased or decrease from time to time. One advantage for the borrower is to take a loan and get a lower interest rate. ARM allows the lender to start the loan with a low interest rate but then again the interest rate can increase or decrease over the life of the loan

This is a kind of loan that contains an interest rate that is not changing for the rest of the life of the loan. The fixed-rate mortgage terms option may vary from 10 to 30 years depends on your loan amount. One advantage of having a fixed rate is when the market goes high your interest rate will not change or get affected by the market change.

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